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Happy 106th Birthday, Cary!
And if you were alive today, I'm sure you'd still look amazing. Alright, so maybe not in top physical form like that icon up there...

So to celebrate Mr. Grant's birthday, here's a picspam!

If we're gonna have a party, we have to get all spiffed up!

During his stage days

I've always been confused by this picture. Is he in a circus tent?

Still lookin' hot at 50 (even if the pose is ridiculous)

And you know I had to throw a mustache in here!

And we gotta invite some friends!

Cary and Randy on the beach. CHECK OUT THE SOCKS!


With Groucho, Chico, Carole Lombard, and Ronald Colman. The other guy's name is escaping me.

With Rosalind Russell

Cary and Amelia Earhart

with good pal Ingrid Bergman during press for their film Indiscreet

And what's a party without cake?:

Randolph Scott, Nancy Carroll, and Cary on the set of their film Hot Saturday

Cary celebrated his birthday on the set of Notorious, with Hitch and Ingrid

I love how Cary and Ingrid are in their costumes from the final scene of the film.

And ice cream?

Cary with Frank Borzage

And acid?

Cary used LSD with physician supervision in the late Fifties/early Sixties (when it was legal). He had over 100 sessions.

In the words of Mr. Grant in 1963,

"No money, no material reward is comparable to the praise, the shouts of well done and accompanying pat on the back of one's fellowman. Applause and laughter in the theater have a similar effect; and sometimes, today, I stand with Russell Downing, the manager of the finest, largest cinema in the world, the Radio City Music Hall in New York, in a quiet darkened corner, and listen to that huge audience roaring with laughter at something I've done, the tilt of my head or a facial reaction, and joy seems to burst within me."

I think he would be incredibly happy to know that his films are being shown to a whole new audience with great enjoyment and appreciation.

Happy Birthday, Cary.

x-posted from my classic film blog here at DW.

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