30 October 2009 @ 02:28 pm
Cary tv schedule in November  

Topper Takes a Trip
- Sun Nov 1, 8:30 am- TCM (actually just footage of Cary from his performance in Topper)
Arsenic and Old Lace- Mon Nov 2, 12:00 pm-TCM
North by Northwest- Mon Nov 2, 10:15 pm- TCM
None But the Lonely Heart-Thurs Nov 12, 12:00 pm-TCM
To Catch a Thief- Friday Nov 13, 8:00 am-TCM
Gunga Din-Sat Nov 14 , 4:30 pm-TCM
Father Goose- Mon,Nov 16, 6:00 pm-TCM
The Philadelphia Story-Thurs Nov 19, 9:00 am-TCM
To Catch a Thief-Thurs Nov 26th at 8:00 pm-TCM
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House-Fri Nov 27, 10:00 am-TCM
Houseboat-Fri Nov 27, 12:00 pm-TCM

One film I'd like to point out on this list is None But the Lonely Heart. If you haven't seen it, Cary gives one of his best performances so do check it out. Highly underrated film. It was one of the two times he was nominated for an Academy Award. Unfortunately he never won a competitive Oscar. It wasn't until 1970 and a whole lot of campaigning (mainly on the part of then Academy President Gregory Peck...love the Peck!) that he was awarded an Honorary Oscar.

Also for those of you who have Turner Classic Movies, November's Star of the Month is Grace Kelly. They are scheduled to show some documentaries about her life and on becoming Princess of Monaco, which I'm sure will have footage of her wedding etc...As we all know Cary and Grace were incredibly close friends. We might get to see some nice footage of the two of them together. ;)