18 January 2010 @ 09:14 pm
Happy 106th Birthday, Cary!  
And if you were alive today, I'm sure you'd still look amazing. Alright, so maybe not in top physical form like that icon up there...

So to celebrate Mr. Grant's birthday, here's a picspam!

Come to the party! )

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09 November 2009 @ 08:36 pm
When a man is wrestling a leopard in the middle of a pond, he's in no position to run.  
[ETA: This is one of a series of movie-related posts over at my journal.]

This week's reviews feature Pretty Boys Who Can Act. They have to look good, at least starting out, but they also have to not rely on those good looks in lieu of learning to act. In other words, they have to be actors who happen to be pretty, not models in actor drag.

It occurs to me that I've never attempted to define acting here. My definition of acting is the ability to create and portray a different character than the actor, and to effectively convey that character's thoughts, emotions and actions so that the viewer believes in the creation as separate from the actor. (This eliminates from all my discussions Clive Owen, who has said that he doesn't believe emotions are part of acting. Sorry, Clive, you're boring to watch; why should I spend the money?)

Anyway, the first day's pretty boy, who never lost his charm or his looks or his style: with some photos, so be warned )
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